I love art, love looking at it, love dong it and especially love talking about it! Leaving school I opted for a career in science but have always found time to practice in my spare time. I realised I needed some further education in art as my knowledge, particularly of modern and contemporary art was lacking. I wanted to understand what the art I was seeing in galleries really meant (I now know that’s not always possible or wanted by the artist!) so I signed up with the Open College of the Arts and studied painting, drawing and the history of art. I recently completed my course and after a break I feel I want to discover new ways of making art as well as traditional media.

My courses taught me that a blog is a great way of documenting my progress and can be much easier to manage digital media.

Have a look at an example of my old blogs that I did for my course work…

Drawing  – http://kappleto.blogspot.co.uk/

History of Art – https://kappletonart.wordpress.com/