This is my blog where I plan to write all my experiments with different art media and techniques, kind of like a digital sketchbook. I also want to use this blog to explore new paintings or artists that I’ve come across. So often I find a painting I love and then immediately forget about it.

I’m fascinated with all of the new tools and media that can aid an artists work these days. I’m fed up with turps induced headaches so I’d like to master acrylics and try out all of the lovely pastes and media that are available now to create texture. I’ve started including multi-media in my work and I would also like to rediscover watercolour which is a medium I haven’t use much  since school and I think you can do so much with it.

My tastes have evolved so much over the years, I now find that I gravitate to abstract art but I still appreciate the detail and amazing skill involved in more traditional work.

My inspirations are numerous and not limited to…..

Rothko, Turner, Caravaggio, Titian, Ingres, Freud and lots of contemporary artists such as Alison Watt and Beth Fiddes Robertson. I find my inspirations change by the day.