Layers of seaweed

I’m still enjoying playing with pen and ink mixed with charcoal

Working from some photos of seaweed and a lot of artistic license, I made a pen drawing of the major strands. I like to go over my lines twice, I think it gives a more natural feel. Then I filled in the negative shapes with willow charcoal.


Once that was done I started picking out some seaweed in the charcoal using a putty rubber and a cotton bud.


I did consider leaving it like this, I like the contrast of the white shapes with the charcoal ones behind.


Nevertheless I was attracted to the bulbous shapes of the bladders on the seaweed and started shading them with charcoal.


This is the end result (forgive the light shining on the photo). This was very satisfying to draw, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Next time I do a subject like this I’ll add in a focal point though.


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