Landscape Mallaig 1 WIP

I haven’t been posting here for a while but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been working!

At the moment I’m working on a long landscape format mixed media painting for long wall space in my living room above a knocked through wall. I’ve always wanted to put something there but its such a long thin shape I’ve never seen anything like that.


I found a long thin canvas (not really long enough but it’ll do) and decided to try a landscape including the beautiful islands off the coast of Mallaig. If you haven’t been up there you must visit, the beaches are amazing – white sands and turquoise sea, if the weather’s good, it could be mistaken for the Caribbean!

Flicking through some photos I decided on a plan and sketched out the scene roughly in pencil. I love texture and I wanted the rocks in the foreground to really stand out so I  crushed up some thin brown paper and stuck it on using PVA glue (excuse the direction of the photos!)

Then, I used some very sheer fabric and tore and stretched it out to pull the threads out. I stuck this on the foreground to mimic the tide mark on the sandy beach.

For the more distant rocks I used modelling paste to create a slightly less textured surface (sorry no photos of this bit)

I left it for a day or two and once everything was dry I gave the whole surface a good coat of gesso, getting in between all of the crevices in the foreground.

Once this layer was dry I then laid down my first layer of paint, just blocking in the colours to get rid of the white.

I’m please with the effect so far, especially the shore line fabric effect, I’m hoping that will work well.

So now I have to start painting proper. Putting this bit off but hope to have an update soon!


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