Fun with line. Pen, ink and charcoal

I’ve been experimenting with drawing quite randomly using a pen and charcoal and ink. I’m intrigued by natural objects and sinuous shapes. while I’m out and about I always take photos of tree roots, lichens, and anything with twisted and interesting architecture. I like to include natural shapes in my work, shapes that could only occur on their own. That’s why I like working fluid acrylics and other spontaneous media, because the paint decides what it’s doing without much input from me. I love accidents and dribbles. Gravity and motion control the end result. I can guide it, but ultimately the forms are natural and uncontrived.

It bothers me that by simply trying to draw and imitate a natural object, that I am immediately losing these honest and unprocessed contours. It is impossible to recreate so instead I try to get the overall idea of the tortuous tangles and then recreate that in my mind without an image in front of me.

I find this method of free hand drawing without an image much more enjoyable. Rather than trying to recreate an exact copy of something so beautiful and forever feeling like a failure, I sit with paper and pen and doodle.

This method is new to me and I’m finding it very freeing. I still making sketches, I think this observation is essential to the subsequent process, but they are a means to an end now rather than a copying process.

Here are some of my “doodles” so far……



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