I’ve not been blogging recently as sadly my mum died a couple of weeks ago. She’d been ill for a long time so it was expected but it doesn’t any it any easier šŸ˜¦

Anyhoo I’ve not been in the studio much other than doing some tweeting so it was nice to have a wee session the other day. This mixed media painting of Ben Hope in the north of Scotland was the result.


I really love texture at the moment and I was inspired by looking at other peoples work to use newsprint. This isn’t immediately obvious but if you look at the right ride of the mountain you can see some words. I used the front page of the Glasgow Herald which had lots of references to Scottish independence and referendums which I thought added a different dimension. Unfortunately none of that is visible now but it’s there underneath!

I layered the newsprint, using ripped edges to create the edges of the hills and boundaries between different areas. This technique worked really well for this purpose and the edges were maintained even when I painted over. I kept the sky and water deliberately flat of purpose.

To the foreground I smeared a layer of Golden crackle paste to create the idea of stone and earth. Then I painted over with acrylics, using burnt umber, ultramarine yellow ochre, titanium white and burnt sienna. I kept the colours muted and monochromatic to give the feeling of early morning or late evening stillness. I used the ochre and sienna to create interest.

Lastly I used charcoal to increase the tonal range. I’m a bit hesitant to use black like this as it looks unnatural but I think it works with the muted greys.

Happy with this technique so will try using this combination again.

Thanks for reading!



  1. So sorry to hear about your loss. I find that drawing and making art in general helps me cope with all kinds of situations and help me put things into perspective.
    I love your drawing and how you have incorporated relevant newsprint into your work! Also i really like the overall ‘rugged’ effect of your mixed media lamdscape of Ben Hope! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
    Regards kathy x

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    • Thank you so much! Yes I agree art is a great release, I can loose myself in it and forget all my troubles. I’ve always been fascinated by the expressionist artists like Munch who channeled their emotions and included them in their work. Not sure if it’s something you can do purposely though! x


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