Campsie hills spring sketching

My favorite subject at the moment is the beautiful Campsie hills which I see every day and never fail to lift my mood.

I did a few sketches of the western side of the Campsies (from the south) including Dumgoyne and the Strathblane hills.

I started with a quick acrylic block-in using various greys made by mixing ultramarine and burnt umber and titanium white. On top of that I increased the tonal range using charcoal.

I used oil and standard pastels to create some texture and interest in the sky and foreground. The oil pastels made a bit of a dirty mess when they mixed with the charcoal but I quite liked the effect.

Campsies spring charcoal

My next sketch was just acrylics. I painted on acrylic paper and used a palette knife. The paint was drying as I was applying the next layers which created quite interesting textures when I then rubbed and scraped it back.

It was taped to the board which leaves a nice frame when I take it off. I quite like how the tape lifts the paint off in parts and some is left on in others, like the landscape is creeping out of the frame.

Campsies spring acrylic


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