Glencoe – with a palette knife

My painting of Glencoe I finished recently bugged me because I ended up relying on teh photo far too much when I wanted something much more abstract.

I decided to try the subject again and try to make it looser. I thought using a palette knife to apply the paint would help. I did this on A3 acrylic paper to make it a more manageable size for a sketch.


I tried to build up layers to give the surface lots of texture.

No there yet but going in the right direction. Next time I’ll lose the colours and work in a more browns and greys so I can focus on the tones. And I’ll try to use broader strokes, this is too fiddly.

I think part of my problem is the acrylic paint, it drives me mental the way it dries so fast. I try to use retarder but it doesn’t come naturally yet so I forget. I’m resisting the urge to go back to oils, they’re sooo much easier to use!


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