More sketching – using ink and bamboo pen

I hunted out my old bamboo pen for some sketching, continuing the Campsie Hills theme. It’s been such a long time since I’ve used it, that my indian ink had separated into a lump of black goo and some grey watery stuff so I took teh opportunity to buy some more.

I’d forgotten how wonderfully blank Indian ink is, it’s great stuff!


I had a quick play to remind myself and found that the ink dried really quickly into the paper and I wasn’t really able to use washes to bring it out. DSC_0843

The bamboo pen is quite hard to get used to but it does create fantastic marks which I think are quite unique. You certainly couldn’t get them from a standard nib or brush.


I found that the drop of ink would sit on the pen and drop to the point quite randomly so it wasn’t easy to control where it would touch the paper, but I like that. Happy accidents are how I decide what I’d doing next!


I found an old photo of the Cuillin mountain range in Skye which is such a unique skyline and I thought it would lend itself to the spiky style of the bamboo pen.


I think the bamboo pen also worked well describing the grass and plants in the foreground. It’s unpredictability helped describe the natural shapes of the plants.


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