Campsie Fells sketching

I’m endlessly fascinated by the Campsie hills, north of Glasgow near where I live. Every morning I choose a slightly longer route so I can absorb their beauty and check out their ever changing facade.

Often they’re invisible under a curtain of rain and cloud but other time, like the last few days, they’re beautifully lit by the rising sun, creating huge shadows in the gullys and rocks.

The Campsies stretch over a large area and I’ve painted and sketched from all different angles over the years. When I was little my mum always used to say they were the sleeping warrior (his head and chin is Dumgoyne) and I loved that imagery. Since then I’ve heard a couple of people refer to them like that but the real sleeping warrior is in Arran I think.

The view from Balmore Road heading north. Dumgoyne is the little one on the left but I think the big bit in the middle is the Strathblane hills with Garloch hill peeking out behind.


This is a painting I did a while back of the view from the other side of the Campsies with Dumgoyne on the right. I suspect Earl seat is one of those bumps

I was stuck in traffic and had enough time to take a quick snap. That might I had a go at recreating the shadows while it was fresh in my head.


I’d love to work on this further. Considering doing a Monet-esque series capturing the changes to the light in different seasons and at different times of the day. Also makes me look forward to some better weather so I can get my walking boots aired!


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