Glencoe – finally finished

So I’ve finally finished it and I’m so relieved. I lose interest in paintings and really struggle to finish them sometimes and this was one of those. I’d actually intended something more abstract, but I found it just went in a different direction and I went with it. The next one will be more abstract!

Anyhoo, I’m quite happy with the finished result. It’s quite dark, which is what I’d intended as I wanted the contrast with the Loch in the middle to be very strong.

You can read about my progress in the blogs here:

Glencoe landscape – first stage

Glencoe painting Stage 2

Glencoe Stage 3

Glencoe 4 – more progress

Glencoe 5 – Nearly there!

Here’s is a quick pictorial run through of how it developed.

DCF 1.0
Here’s the photo of Glencoe that it’s based on, can’t remember where it’s taken from but likely from the lay-by’s at the side of the road
Firstly I covered the foreground in some modelling paste. Once that was dry I started blocking the colours in.
Here I’ve started blending it and adding glazes
Adding more glazes and some colour in the foreground
Getting some detail into the hills
Bit too much detail into the hills!
Final painting

Looking a the photos it’s really useful to see how it changed. Should I have stopped halfway through??? I definitely should have left the hills they way they were but the foreground has improved a lot. The trouble was as I painted one hill this changed the relative colours of the other hills and I felt that I had to change them again. Each time I made up a colour it was very slightly different which through all the other off.

Really good experiment to see how it’s progressed, I’ve never done this before. I’ll definitely do it again.

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