Fluid acrylics – shoulda used a spirit level!

Had another play with fluid acrylics. I’d done some research into the fluidity of the paint and found that some people add water to the paint/medium mixture. I previously struggled to cover the canvas with the mix so I thought perhaps this would thin it a bit. Also I found that I was going through so much medium, so it appealed to the skinflint in me! I found a few people suggested about 1 part medium, 1 part paint and 2 parts water so I started off with that. I was using Liquitex pouring medium

First couple of mixes I made, I thought something must be wrong, they were far to watery. Nevertheless I plopped some on the canvas. It really didn’t work though, the paint was falling off the canvas as fast as I put it on and was completely uncontrollable. The colours were also too transparent and mixing far too much, almost blending.

So I wiped the worst bits off and made more paint mixes this time with a lot less water, just enough to slacken it off. This worked much better. The trouble was the thicker paint was sitting on a layer of watery paint in some places so it was quite hard to control. I used a straw to blow the paint around.

I primarily worked with titanium white, deep yellow, cadmium red and a metallic bronze colour. At the end I added a few drops here and there of Golden Fluid Acrylics – quinacridone magenta and pthalo blue.

The end result was far to chaotic for my liking – too many colours, too mixed up. Less is more! I was quite happy though, it’s all experimenting and I had really good fun (apart from the drippy mess!


I was quite interested in how the Golden paints were reacting on teh surface, they were separating into different colours, must have been the water content in the paint underneath.


So I went away, quite happy and left it to dry. Later on I came in and discovered it had all slipped down the (bottom left) side and some of the nice effects were gone. 😦 This happened obviously because the surface was at an angle but also because the watery layer (the yellowy beige bit) was more liquid and slipped more than the thicker bits.


After being very grumpy yesterday and deciding to give up art for ever and ever and never try fluid acrylics again, I’ve feeling slightly more positive today and maybe I’ll have another go. Next time less water and fewer colours. I’m thinking about not covering the canvas, so just have a shape in the middle surrounded by canvas (painted or not). Hmm





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