Linoprint plant design

A while back I posted a blog about my Christmas present of a lino printing kit: Lino printing 1st attempt

My first attempt wasn’t hugely successful given that I didn’t clock that lettering had to be reversed on the lino! Doh!

So I had another go, this time I found a nice neutral plant design that didn’t matter if it was facing the wrong way.

I used another one of the Softcut sheets that came with the kit. The harder grey lino seemed a bit daunting. I printed off the design (making sure it was roughly the size of the Softcut sheet and traced it onto the sheet. I then used a blue Sharpie to colour in the design and then cut round it.

This one was quite fiddly and I made some mistakes in some bits by slipping and taking chips out of a bit that was meant to stay there but mainly by inadvertently doing wobbly lines and thinning the stems too much, so much so it was cut right across in one place. I left a border round it but I was unsure if this was right or not.

Linocut, computer print out, and tracing from left too right.

I was a bit fed up then and left the finished cut lino to the side, I thought the print would look daft. So, I picked it up the other day and gave printing a go and I was pleasantly surprised with it, it looked really quite good printed and you can’t see the wrong cuts.This may be because I’m easily pleased and have low standards but if received a card like this I would be happy! It’s roughness adds to the handmade feel (in my humble opinion).


This lino printing is really quite forgiving, I could grow to like it!


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