Glencoe 5 – Nearly there!

How the painting looked at the start

Once the last layer was dry, I added a few more lighter glazes to the hills to tone down the detail that I had added in the rocks last time.

I should say that I use Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid (gloss) to mix the glazes, about a 70 to 80% Glazing liquid mix (although, in practice I just make a puddle on my palette and add the colours in to parts of that as needed).

I’ve mainly been using cad yellow, indigo, ultramarine and burnt umber in varying amounts but rocks and heather are burnt sienna and a lilac/grey made with ultramarine and a hint of titanium white and rose madder.

The next few glazes seemed to tone it down a bit and I started adding a bit of variation in background hill.

More glazes are needed but it’s going in the right direction.


That hill in the middle distance looks a bit mistier but it still stands out against the hill closer to us. Either I need to add more detail to that or make the one behind cooler and mistier as it’s the wrong way round at the moment. The hill in the background is looking ok now so I probably wont do much to that.


I’m unhappy with the foreground, it feels too dark, but I kind of wanted it very dark so I’m not sure what to do now. It’s getting there though! Next step some bluer glazes over the middle mountain and some foggy bits.


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