Glencoe 4 – more progress

how it looked this morning

Here are my previous posts on the painting is you want to read from start to finish:

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Worked on Glencoe a bit today. The painting’s been sitting in my studio but I’ve not been feeling inspired to do anything to it recently.

I started by adding some glazes over the foreground and adding some detail to the midground. Then I started adding some yellowy glazes to the closest hills. They were looking a bit flat so I started adding some darker tones to represent rocky areas and heather.

I sat with that for a while and carried on adding glazes of varying tones from yellow to dark green to almost black.


I’m quite happy with the 2 closest hills, they seem a bit more real now. the flat midground valley is fine so I probably wont do much to that now.

this close up shows the texture in the foreground

I worked on the sky and added some foggy hazy patches on the right hand hill.


I left it like this and went away for a while. Everytime I caught site thought it just seems too dark so I came back and started adding some more colour. I added some burnt sienna on the rocks and heather in the foreground and left hand hill and a grey purple to indicate rocks. This I may have overdone it though – it was a press rewind moment. Never mind.


I started with some glazes on the closest background hill. I let this dry and then hopefully a few misty glazes will bring this all together as it looks odd at the moment, as it’s coming more forward than the hill on the right.


I need to leave it for a while now and think how I need to change the foreground.Beginning to hate it now! It’s not what I planned when I set out. I intended something much more abstract.

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