Robin watercolour

Trying to produce some quick art works to fit between busy work, childcare and looking after oldies. I’ve never been very comfortable with watercolours but I’m fascinated by the more abstract effects that you can achieve.

I love feeding the birds in the garden and watching them go about their business. Came across a nice photo of a fat robin so thought I’d give it a go.

I recently bought a set of Daniel Smith watercolours as someone I know recommended them. They’re a bit pricier that others but you use such a  small amount you only need a tiny amount and they last for ages. The set of 6 has a range of yellows, oranges and blue which can make most colours. I did go back to my winsor and newton set for easy browns and greens but I’m just lazy!


I wanted the robin to be very minimalist – no background, just the robin and his branch. I’m quite happy with the painting. I like the way the dark brown bled a little round the eye and I like the branch as it looks like the lichen that was on it.


I had another go but it didn’t work as well. I was trying to be less detailed and more gestural but it just hasn’t come out as well. I used the end of the brush to add some strokes of darker colour in the birds feathers and it just hasn’t worked at all. Now I know not to do that again so it’s all worth while! Quite like the splashy bits and background just not the bird


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