Glencoe painting Stage 2

Stage 2 of the Glencoe painting involved toning down the bright green with a grey/green glaze.

This is my friend today, I use quite high ratios of Golden Acrylic Glazing Medium (I always use gloss if possible, I prefer the finish). The medium allows the colours to shine through but also delays the drying time a little, allowing my to blend a little and create the misty effect.


this was the painting at the end of the 1st stage

I adjusted the glazes with increasing amounts of ultramarine and titanium white for the mountains in the background. I tried to blend these glazes between the layers of hills.

I applied glazes with increasing amounts of ultramarine and white as the hills recede
Close up of the background hills

The foreground glazes contained more burnt umber and cadmium yellow and no white.

end of stage 2

It seems a shame to cover all of the colour that was underneath but the brighter bits should shine through and their purpose was just to give me a guide. I think I will darken the hills in the midground in subsequent stages but the background hills are much as they will stay I think.

I will try to include hints of colour in the later glazes.

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