Midhope Castle (Lallybroch)


To continue my theme of painting the old castles used as filming locations in Outander, I tackled another, this time it was the fictional Lallybroch or Midhope Castle. Lallybroch is the home of Jamie Fraser and he takes Claire there to meet his family.

It’s actually not really a castle, I’m not sure what exactly defines a castle right enough, but Midhope is more of a large house. It’s situated near Hopetoun House which is also used as a filming location in Outlander. Hopetoun house can be visited in the summer months but be warned though, Midhope is a derelict building on private farming land so has restricted hours and it requires a vehicle pass. As far as I know it’s closed at the moment.

I used watercolour on top of a pen drawing (inspired from my own photos) I wanted to make a feature of the lovely entrance arch and the pathway leading up to it, while leaving the building itself more misty, hence the unfinished drawing of the roof. I’m not sure I achieved quite that effect, so next time I’ll have a less detailed pen drawing I think. I like the way the watercolour bleeds over the edges of the roof, that’s the kind of effect I was looking for all over. I think I’ll attempt another painting with that in mind., perhaps from a closer position peeking up through the arch, only slight indications of the house behind while the arch is more detailed. This’ll require another visit to the house however, unless I can coax my memory and imagination into a drawing without a reference, eek!

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