Glencoe landscape – first stage

Decided to start a new painting today. Glencoe has become my metaphorical mountain to climb as well as literally (spot the mistake – can’t climb a glen!). I’ve tried to paint it a couple of times and I’ve abandoned my attempts in frustration. Glencoe has such an amazing presence. If you’re lucky enough to have a clear day, the views are completely breathtaking but even when the weather is rubbish and you are amidst the “weeping of Glencoe” the atmosphere of the place is awesome.

So I have some photos that I took as reference and I found one with quite a nice composition, looking down at the valley with a winding track in the foreground leading up to a loch. Cheesy maybe but who am I to rock the composition boat.

DCF 1.0

The aim is to do a kind of misty abstract landscape using the photo as an vague reference only. That’s the idea anyway. My problem is that I’ll keep looking at the photo and then end up trying to capture details which is a waste of time with a photo. So my plan is to disregard the photo after the initial phase and concentrate on the atmosphere of the place. We’ll see anyway.

So here’s the first round, basically just getting some paint on the canvas. Trying to  get the general shapes and tones down. I’ve gone for greens at the moment but I don’t see that lasting.


Used cerulean blue, lemon yellow and cadmium yellow with ultramarine blue and burnt umber for the darks. Used Golden extra heavy gel (matte) to create some texture in the foreground. Mixed the acrylics with some Golden retarder so I had more time to blend the colours on the canvas.

Watch this space for the next installment…….

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