My studio

I love seeing peoples studios, it gives a hint as to how they work. My studio is also the office, library (ha) and drying room so its not a dedicated space but I feel very lucky to have this. In our old house I had the spare room (also office, library and drying room) which then became a nursery when my daughter was born at which point all my art stuff was packed away and put in the attic so this is heaven compared to working out of a small toolbox.

Much to my husbands disgust I’ve very messy and have piles of papers and magazines everywhere with tubes of paint teetering on top. I keep my art materials in big bins on a deep book case, which doesn’t look great but makes it easy to grab what I’m looking for.

My paper and pads and lot of my old work is kept in a wonderful set of IKEA drawers which are perfect for the job. I also have a trolley (also ikea!) which hold brushes and everything else I need there and then and can move around next to my easel or wherever else I’ve working.


I find the computer is a necessary part of my work, whether working from photos or looking for inspiration or tips. I have a big noticeboard for any cuttings or postcards I find and the walls are covered with my daughters artwork.


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