Lino printing 1st attempt

For Christmas I received a Lino cutting and printing kit so over the holidays I’ve had my first attempt at printing.

The kit was from Essdee, available on Amazon and I would definitely recommend it for any beginners fancying a dabble in printing. Prior to this, the closest I’d come to printing was potato prints with my daughter so I didn’t have much expertise! It contains the ink and a tray for rolling the paint, the roller, the cutting tools, black ink and several bits of lino, some “softcut” for beginners and some harder lino all different sizes. There is also a corner shaped tool to hold the lino in place and protect your hand.


I hate waste and always like to produce something useful even when practicing so I decided that some text would be easy and I could make a lino cut that I could use for printing names on cards etc. I set to work using Word and chose my font, not too easy, but a handwriting style that would provide a bit of a challenge (never one for an easy life).

I just copied the text by hand onto a piece of softcut and when I was happy I went over that with a sharpie. I’d recommend this as it helps to see exactly where to cut and what the print will look like.

I started cutting with the finest tool and soon moved up to one of the larger ones. It was surprisingly easy. It took me an hour or so and considering it was my first time I was quite pleased. My hand slipped once and I scored into a bit that shouldn’t have been scored but it wasn’t too noticeable.

I found the corner tool didn’t work, I just wasn’t able to hold the lino down with the tool only and cut at the same time. I think I need to find a non-slip mat to put it on instead.

Anyway I set to printing and recruited the help of a small person for rolling and pressing purposes. We were both very excited but a bit underwhelmed with the result! Can you spot the mistake??


Oh well, first lesson in lino printing learned the hard way! Onwards and upwards!

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